The realities of war include heroism, tragedy, and camaraderie. At Veterans Chat we want the reality to be known and recorded so the current and future generations can learn directly from veterans their personal accounting of American wars.

Frank Spady

Frank Spady - Vietnam Veteran

Frank Spady is a Vietnam Veteran. He served in the U.S. Army in the infantry and then as a door gunner. After a successful career in sales and marketing Frank dedicated his life to helping veterans.

Frank deals with PTSD now and associated seizures. His goal is that no veteran is alone and their story is told.

Elizabeth Crane

Elizabeth Crane

Elizabeth Crane is Frank Spady's wife and directs all operations for Veterans Chat. As the wife of a Vietnam Veteran with PTSD she has an understanding of what many military veterans go through.

As a patriot and military and veteran supporter Elizabeth works tirelessly to preserve history through Veterans Chat.


How we Tell the Veteran’s Stories

Veterans Chat gathers the actual first-hand stories of United States military veterans. We understand the sometimes still raw memories need to be preserved, but preserved with care and a sympathetic and understanding ear. With that in mind, we have several ways to record the stories:

  • Personal histories recorded through podcasts (audio) and video interviews.
  • Written memoirs and communications such as postcards, letters, and diaries.
  • Visual materials like scrapbooks, drawings, and photographs.

Army mascot

The Supporting Veterans

Wars are not fought with combat soldiers alone. Without those soldiers in the background, all wars would be lost. Besides the combatants we want to hear from the chaplains, doctors, clerical assistants, traffic controllers, mechanics, engineers, and all those that didn’t serve in combat but were essential to the missions.

All veterans have a story to be told.

Veterans Families and the Support Teams

Often forgotten are the families of veterans. The ones left at home on their own when their loved ones are deployed. They have their own stories. Some have lost their spouses but know their story and want it told. We want to share those stories too.

And what about the volunteers and support groups like the USO? They all are part of any war effort and their work helps the military and their families function at top performance.

Those are the stories. Those are the lives that must be remembered.

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"It’s the unconquerable soul of man, not the nature of the weapon he uses, that insures victory."

General George S. Patton