Veteran History Matters – It Shapes our Future and Guides our Actions

If you understand the link between the past and the present you have a good grasp of why veteran history matters.

But if you are one of those that thinks it makes no difference at all what happened decades or even centuries ago you don’t understand the basic premise of history.  Veteran history is not just about knowing the past. It is essential information that, if known, helps make better future decisions.

veteran history

Veteran history can help us shape our future and better understand our past.

To comprehend who we are as a society can only be known by the events and people that gave shape to who we are today.

For example, if you have a grandfather that thinks less than highly about the Japanese, it will help to know about his time in the military when Pearl Harbor was attacked. Many World War II veterans still refuse to buy products made in Japan.

Veteran History Gives Us a Look at What Caused Change

After World War II innovation and entrepreneurs were coming out of the woodwork. The war created entire new industries and technologies. These opportunities gave women and African Americans an entrance to the workforce.

As wages increased so did housing conditions and opportunities for furthering education. It was a time of great economics for our country.

The history and condition of America after the war tells us much about what we are lacking in today’s economic woes. During the war President Roosevelt encouraged the production and determination of business and the labor force. Invigorated by the strong morale that the President brought resulted in better numbers quarter after quarter.

Henry Kaiser’s shipyards were able to get the production time for Liberty Ships down from 365 days to 92, 62, and, finally, to one day.


Before you dismiss the past, take a good look and see how it has shaped our country.

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